Wet Map for Particle & Bifrost (Lookdev 1.067)

  • Steps to create wet map with “Particle
    *Step1: Copy “Particle Name” to Attributes or revese

*Step2: Click Button “Add code to particle Wetmap”

*Step3: Custom Density for Wetmap, default =0.5. You can customize the wet map dissipation.

*Step4: Apply a new material to the object and hold down the middle mouse button and drag the tex_wetmap from the Outliner to the arbitrary connected hypershader.

*Step5: Click Button “RenderWetmap”.

Steps to create wet map with “Bifrost
Select Object and Click button “Add Wetmap” to Bifrost mesh”

*Step2: Click button “Add code to particle Wetmap”

*Step3: Select object and add “Passive Collider to Object”

*Step4: Render Wetmap final Here!

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